High Quality Motorized Driven Electric Wire Rope Hoist For C

High Quality Motorized Driven Electric Wire Rope Hoist For Cranes

Features of wire rope hoist                                                                                      
Wire rope electric hoist features:
 1. The reducer
Electric hoist adopts three-stage fixed shaft helical gear transmission mechanism, gear and gear shaft are made of heat-treated alloy, box body and cover are made of high quality cast iron, with strict assembly and good sealing.The reducer is a part of itself, on which loading and unloading are very important.
 2. The control box
The wire rope electric hoist adopts the device which can cut off the circuit in case of emergency and has up and down stroke to protect the stop fire limit device.Maintain the safe operation of electric hoist.Electrical components long life, reliable use.
 3. The steel wire rope
Gb1102-74 (6 37+) type hoisting wire rope is adopted to ensure its durability.
 4. Taper motor
 The hoisting motor adopts the tapered rotor braking asynchronous motor with large starting torque, without the need of external brake.The motor load duration is 25%. The motor is insulated with class B or class F, and the motor protection grade is IP44/IP54.
 5. Push button switch
Manual operation type light and convenient, there are two ways of rope longitudinal and cordless remote control.