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SWF Hoist

SWF Electric Chain Hoist

SWF Electric chain hoists from the SWF series are designed for loads up to 5 t. They offer high durability and flexibility to handle various types of loads. SWF series to help you ensure fast, efficient and smooth operations. In addition to the standard model, SWF hoist is also equipped with a cross travel frequency inverter drive, overload protection and non-contact limit switches for precise movement.

SWF Electric Chain Hoist

Optimum use of space

Compact design, minimal hook dimensions, space-saving trolleys

Low installation & maintenance costs

Standardized electrical modules, comfortable access thanks to modular construction, time saving adjustment of trolley flange width

High operational safety

Emergency stop button, 48 volts contactor control, drop-stop, robust aluminum casing

RoHS compliant (EU)

Strengthens the confidence into the product

Gentle operation

Low noise emissions, low load swing and smooth load movements controlled by trolley and inverter

Safe, rapid load handling, optimal service life.