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KBK Crane System

KBK double-girder suspension cranes

Double-girder suspension cranes from our KBK light crane system enable goods of all kinds to be transported with ease. They provide area-serving, overhead handling – and guarantee fast, reliable and precise positioning even for heavy loads and large span dimensions. What other successful characteristics do they offer?
Cost-effective implementation
Modular system design
Smooth and reliable handling
Favourable installation dimensions
Rated for loads weighing up to 3,200 kg
Double-girder suspension cranes
The benefits at a glance
Optimum space utilisation
Overhead, area-serving load transport
Optimum utilisation of space thanks to minimum approach dimensions
Suspension from existing workshop ceilings or roof structures
Require no additional supports for the crane runway
Convenient handling
Simple, safe and reliable handling
Favourable installation dimensions
Customer-specific and cost-effective solutions for workshops – also in limited sections
Versatile applications thanks to modular system design (e.g. latching arrangements with KBK double suspension monorails for crane trolley transfer)
Can also be employed as manipulator cranes – optimum design for use in state-of-the-art handling systems.
Strong performance
Rated for loads weighing up to 3,200 kg
Maximum possible hook paths by arranging the hoist between the crane girders
Maximum span dimensions by means of multiple suspensions (cranes operating on more than two runways) – to cover extensive storage and production areas
Modular system design