Performance indicators of polyurethane coated wheels origin

Polyurethane coated wheels are widely used in daily life. In the industrial field, heavy polyurethane coated wheels are also widely used. Such as shield machine covered rubber wheels, shield machine casters, AGV trolley casters and so on. Polyurethane performs very well in various applications. Even though some applications may be typical, we still specialize in manufacturing custom parts. The design and manufacture of each custom polyurethane part can meet your unique requirements. Some applications include environments that require excellent wear resistance. Polyurethane usually greatly wears corresponding parts made of metal, plastic or rubber. Other applications include situations where carrying is important. Polyurethane has excellent load-bearing capacity, and its deflection and recovery rate far exceed those of plastic or metal. Methods of manufacturing parts from polyurethane include open casting molding, centrifugal molding, compression molding and injection molding.
What are the performance indicators for the use of polyurethane coated wheels?
Additional protection can prevent damage to the hose and extend its service life;
The upper lip is firmly connected to the coupling to fix the restrictor in place, eliminating the need for expensive adhesives or clamps;
Conical shape, easy to install;
Suitable for various hydraulic and pressure flushing hoses.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.