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SWF Hoist

SWF Chain Hoist

SWF Krantechnik chain hoists are designed for loads up to 5 tons. They offer high durability and flexibility in handling different types of loads.

SWF Chain Hoist

As standard, CHAINster hoists are equipped with a two-speed lift (main lift and micro lift). The hoist travel is standard with a smooth travel by means of a frequency converter or two speed. As an option, the hoists can be equipped with stepless stroke control by means of a frequency converter or by contactless switches for precise movement.

  • Load capacity: max. 5,000 kg

  • Lift height: up to 35,000 mm

  • Travel speed: up to 20 m / min

  • Lifting speed: up to 20 m / min

  • Voltage: 380/400/415 V 50 Hz

  • Standard protection: IP 55

  • Contactor control: 48 V

  • Lift switch: 2-stage end

  • Overload protection: Mechanical and thermal

  • Operating temperature: -10C to 45C