New explosion-proof electric chain hoist for zone 22

CHAINsterEX, our new explosion-proof electric chain hoist for zone 22 is now available. Calculating and ordering the new product is very simple with the online configuration tool.

CHAINsterEX, which supports loads up to 2,500 kg, fulfills the highest ATEX safety standards. The EX electric chain hoist is designed for zone 22 (dust protection) and environments with temperatures ranging between -20 and +40 degrees Celsius.

Three different sizes are available. You can choose from eye or hook suspension and push or motor trolleys. CHAINsterEX can be used in a variety of areas from wood processing plants, concrete and cement works and mills to industries such as food, paper, plastics and pharmaceuticals.

CHAINsterEX features the same durability, flexibility and load-bearing capacity as the standard version of the CHAINster electric chain hoist. In addition, the explosion-proof version fulfills the additional requirements for hoists operating in zone 22 such as:

A specially designed motor and connection box, IP66 protection class (dust-proof and protection against heavy jets of water)
Chain hoist, trolley, IP66 protection class
Cable entry points for hoist frames, IP66 protection class
Reinforced plate to keep the hoist frames shut upon impact
Seals for hoist frames, IP66 protection class
Explosion-proof cable screws made of plastic
Dual temperature monitoring as safety protection
Controller with IP65 protection (dust-proof and protection against water jets)
One-step trolley limit switch, IP66 protection class
Aluminum connections and main switch