KITO SHER2M Electric Chain Hoist Raises

Efficient wastewater treatment is a demanding task. It usually takes several years for a treatment plant to be designed and completed to the highest standards. The plants are an important part of a community's drinking water production and must therefore always comply with the latest environmental regulations.

Little space and low ceilings are no problem for the KITO SHER2M electric chain hoist. The SHER2M (Short Headroom ER2 Motorized Trolly Type) is the short design of the robust KITO ER2 electric chain hoist. For the lifting processes in the Finnish sewage treatment plant, Finmotor OY chose a model with a load capacity of up to 2000 kg and a lifting height of 12 m, while the electric chain hoist itself is only 435 mm high. With built-in technical features such as a frequency converter for precise positioning and an electromagnetic brake, the chain hoist carries out all maintenance tasks safely and without much effort.