Single-girder European-style cranes are non-standard customi

Single-girder European-style cranes are non-standard customization. European-style cranes are medium and high-end bridge gantry cranes.
There is no concept of European-style cranes in professional terms. It is a summary of domestic crane users. Good, low price, combined with advanced European crane advanced technology, compact structure, light weight, energy saving, low noise and other characteristics! Suzhou single girder European crane is based on European lightweight and modular design concept and advanced manufacturing technology, which makes the whole crane compact in structure, stable in operation, light in weight, height, energy saving and consumption, which greatly reduces the user's burden on the crane operating workshop. The construction cost and the operating cost of the crane can improve the overall quality and operation performance of the crane. Suzhou single girder European crane anti-sway control system can reduce the load swing of the crane by more than 90%, greatly improve the production efficiency of the crane in the material handling industry, improve the safety of the crane in use, and effectively reduce the damage to goods and personnel. Risk of injury, our company produces European-style cranes, non-standard customized European-style cranes, European-style end beams, electric European-style cranes, clean European-style cranes, intelligent European-style cranes, European-style KBK cranes, European-style cantilever cranes and other crane equipment. European crane European bridge crane has a more complicated bridge structure design and a simple manufacturing process. The main girder mainly adopts the middle-rail box-girder structure. Only the large-tonnage crane adopts the full-off-track or half-off-track box-shaped beam structure. The effective gauge of the trolley is relatively small. For cranes with large lifting height and large tonnage , will increase the weight of the trolley, the trolley track is made of special steel rails, generally fixed and welded on the upper cover of the main beam by a pressure plate! For European cranes with motor power greater than 45kW, the trolley can only be designed as a hoisting mechanism with a combination of independent components, which is more suitable for a single hook. For a trolley with an auxiliary hook, it is generally realized in the form of a trailer. Such a trolley structure Very long and not smooth running.
Consult our non-standard customized European-style crane, and the European-style crane factory will solve the material lifting problem for you.