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Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist

Hitachi’s reputation for excellence in design, quality, reliability, and performance has made this brand a global market leader. With over three decades of proven reliability throughout Australasia and an extensive operating range, Hitachi Electric Chain Hoists are suited to most applications. The Hitachi models vary from 250kg to 15-tonne capacity and are available in three or single phase, two speed or single speed while being tested to the Australian standards.

Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist

Product Features:

  • All Hitachi models are manufactured to comply with AS1418.2.

  • Safety Limits: full current and shunt limit switches operate in both directions of hook travel.

  • Overload Limiter: this electro-mechanical device is exclusive to the Hitachi range and boasts a far more superior overload protection device than the slipping clutch method. Available on all Hitachi models.

  • Braking: all models are fitted with an electro-magnetic, self-adjusting disc type brake to the gearbox and the ‘F’ models have an additional auxiliary centrifugal brake fitted to the motor.

  • Completely enclosed design. The entire mechanism including; the motor, dual brake system, gears, rotating parts, and electrical system can be operated under severe conditions.

  • Chain Bucket: noiseless design with flexible mounting.

  • High-quality Grade 80 zinc or nickel-plated load chain supplied as standard.

  • IP54 protection rating on all electric hoists and trolleys.

  • Motor thermal protection on all Hitachi models.


  • Electric trolleys are fitted with Guide Rollers as standard to reduce wear and ensure suitability for curved beam applications.

  • Optional radio remote control.

  • Custom lift lengths to suit your requirements.

  • Special low headroom hoist and trolley arrangements available to suit tight headroom applications.

Single Phase / Single Speed Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist – 240v, 50Hz

MODEL1/4 S11/2 S11 S12 S1
Rated Capacity250kg500kg1 tonne2 tonne
Speed (m/min)
Motor (kW)0.250.320.40.4
Headroom (mm)450450530645

Three Phase / Single Speed Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist – 415v, 50Hz

MODEL1/4S1/2S1 S2 S1 F2 F3 F5 F
Rated Capacity250kg500kg1 tonne2 tonne1 tonne2 tonne3 tonne5 tonne
Speed (m/min)
Motor (kW)0.450.630.
Headroom (mm)4504505306455356608201020

Three Phase / Two Speed Hitachi Electric Chain Hoist – 415v, 50Hz

Rated Capacity250kg500kg1 tonne2 tonne2 tonne3 tonne5 tonne
Speed (m/min)7.2 / 1.87.2 / 1.84.6 / 1.22.3 / 0.66.8 / 1.74.0 / 1.02.8 / 0.6
Motor (kW)0.32 / 0.080.63 / 0.160.8 / 0.20.8 / 0.22.4 / 0.62.4 / 0.62.4 / 0.6
Headroom (mm)4504505306456608201020