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Rigid Rail Column Station Cranes

Rigid track self-supporting workstation is to introduce European technology, its running track and main beam are closed steel rails, modularized production and assembly, to ensure reliable and stable quality, the maximum lifting capacity can reach 3200kg, and it has a wide range of applications, especially for modern Machine processing, assembly, storage and other advanced production lines, the characteristics of which are summarized as follows:
Reliable Stable Accurate Economical Efficiency
The track is formed by one-time cold rolling of high-strength steel to avoid the deformation phenomenon of the second welding. The track adopts a closed design to effectively avoid the appearance of dust on the rolling surface, thereby reducing the resistance and wear of the small wheel and the track, making the operation more flexible and prolonging the service life.
Simple structure design reduces failure rate; smooth vehicle contact surface and unique wheel design ensure low running resistance and low noise; lighter manual operation, low overall power and low energy consumption (even electric operation is better than domestic Soviet-style lifting Equipment energy saving 40%)
Rigid connection and unique guide wheel design ensure that the main beam will not be skewed and shaken with or without load, thus ensuring the optimal positioning of the load.
The design of high-strength track and expandable truss structure makes it unnecessary to add additional I-beam suspension, thereby reducing the overall weight, the lifting capacity can reach 2000kg, economical and environmental protection, especially the optimization of the truss structure can make the interval up to 9 meters, Significantly reduce the number of columns or supporting parts, reduce space interference, and make the layout of the workshop beautiful and concise.