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KBK Crane System

KBK Crane Hoisting System

The KBK crane hoist is a light-weight component of our KBK light crane system, and is an ideal solution for installations that require high performance with low weight. KBK light crane system is used in a wide range of applications, and can be used to design almost any overhead suspension crane or monorail system with smooth operation.

Made of aluminium, this overhead crane system offers excellent performance and durability. Following are typical features of KBK Cranes:

• extremely low weight for high rigidity

• very smooth operation thanks to matching system components

• convenient handling loads of weighing up to 1,000 kg

• modification at a later date thanks to the modular system design

• aluminium and proven steel profile sections can be combined in one installation.

KBK crane

• Light weight and high performance

• Based on the leading KBK light crane system with many tried and tested system components

• Smooth-running trolleys even after many years of operation

• State-of-the-art industrial design with anodised profile section surface

• Short delivery times thanks to availability of all parts from stock

• Technically advanced and easy to assemble

• Versatile and flexible

• Complete handling solutions thanks to comprehensive system (e.g. hoist units, power supply systems, disengaging mechanisms, limit switches, trolle lathcing devices)

• Choice of manual travel or electric and pneumatic drives included in the system

• Can be integrated with ease and extended to provide versatile solutions

• Excellent combinations with KBK steel profile sections

• High safety and reliability

• Unmatched: continuously tested in our own test centre and in external tests

• German quality components