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What qualities do our KBK single-girder suspension cranes of

Single-girder suspension cranes from our KBK light crane system enable you to achieve fast and reliable area-serving overhead handling and exact positioning of a wide variety of goods. With our optimised and modular KBK components, spatial challenges and requirements are already taken into account during the planning stage. Reduced approach dimensions and thus improved utilisation of the available space are ensured by our optimised trolleys. During the project engineering phase, planners already gain more flexibility thanks to, for example, larger distances between suspensions and the option of an integrated conductor line, thus reducing installation work and assembly costs.
Useful KBK additional components enable owners of installations to respond to changing requirements at any time. Variable travel path limitation, for example, makes it possible to limit travel motions in just a few steps. Quick and easy to install. What qualities do our KBK single-girder suspension cranes offer?
Modular system design
Smooth and reliable handling
Smooth manual travel
Cost-effective implementation
Customer-specific configuration to meet individual requirements
Reduced approach dimensions
Larger distances between suspensions
Lower assembly costs
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