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Precautions for hanging cranes in operation

Hanging cranes are suitable for linear transportation of materials, and can be directly connected to loading and unloading stations for reciprocating transportation operations and circular transportation operations. So what are the precautions in operation?
1. Before using the suspension crane, you need to fully understand the equipment to see if there is any damage. If it is damaged, it needs to rest in time to ensure the stable and stable operation of the equipment (explanation: stable and stable, no change). Only in this way can the equipment operate normally and stably.
suspension cranes
2. The  hanging cranes can only be used for special vehicles, and people cannot carry it in the car to prevent safety accidents. And in the case of personnel, the lifting operation cannot be performed to prevent the falling of the goods from posing a threat to the life safety of the people below.
3. Operators and control personnel need to install formal instructions for operating the machine. The direction of the pulling force should be as consistent as possible with the track. Do not pull the trolley at an incline to avoid a rollover accident. Suspended cranes can simply be suspended from the roof or superstructure of a building. Crane rails do not require additional auxiliary supports. Whether it is part or all of a workshop, it can be installed simply and reliably at low cost.
4. When the limit of the hanging crane can be determined, it is impossible to perform the lifting operation because the lifting operation will have a large heavy load.
5. If any abnormality occurs during the orbital operation, the operation of the machine should be stopped immediately to avoid more serious damage to the equipment. After the equipment stops running, it is necessary to find relevant personnel in time for maintenance and repair. Private disassembly of the device is not permitted. 
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