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Universal Cranes

Wall-mounted travelling cranes up to 6.3 tonnes

Our wall-mounted travelling cranes are ideal workstation cranes for workplaces that are arranged next to each other. They are used to transport materials to the individual workstations and, at the same time, are used for positioning at assembly stations. They operate below the bridge crane level on crane runway rails that are arranged one above the other along the workshop wall. Other features:
outreaches up to 12 m
load capacities up to 6.3 tonnes
control via cable-connected control pendant or by radio
travel units made of Demag drive components with first-class travel characteristics
travelling DR rope hoist on a cantilever bracket.
Wall-mounted travelling cranes
Rigid bracket and crane girder design
Rigid design thanks to enclosed box-section profile
First-class travel characteristics
Also for high loads – thanks to low tolerances for differences in the runway gauge, skewing and alignment
Low-vibration operation thanks to horizontal and vertical travel units made of torsionally rigid, enclosed box-section profile
Vertical travel unit equipped with perfectly matching Demag components
Excellent travel dynamics thanks to Demag offset geared motor (pole-changing or variable-speed with frequency inverter)
Smooth torque transfer without any radial forces thanks to drive connection to the wheel block
Low-maintenance Demag DRS wheel blocks with self-lubricating spheroidal-graphite cast-iron travel wheels for minimum crane runway and travel wheel wear
Travelling rope hoist optimised for crane applications
EKDR-Pro travelling rope hoist optimised for crane applications
Optimum utilisation of the available height and space thanks to compact design (minimum approach dimensions and large hook path)
Low-sway transport thanks to variable travel and lifting speeds
Efficiency thanks to comprehensive monitoring with CAN Bus technology to meet future requirements (preventive maintenance)
Ergonomic control
For safe, fatigue-free handling
Optional DLC cable-connected control pendant – height-adjustable and for separate travel on the crane girder
Optional DRC radio remote controls with proportional pushbuttons – for wireless control with variable radio frequency operation for radio transmission and reception without any interference
Optional tandem operation
For tranpsorting particularly heavy and awkward loads
Master/slave control of both cranes with one transmitter
Synchronised safety cut-off of both cranes
Optional two-trolley operation
For transporting long material, for example
Control of both travelling hoists with one transmitter
Synchronised safety cut-off of both travelling hoists
System integration
Integration into intralogistics concepts
Modular design
Maximum quality and reliability thanks to components from the Demag modular system