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KBK light combined crane

During the use of KBK cranes, in order to prolong the service life of the equipment, the reliability of the safety devices of the equipment is confirmed by inspection and related maintenance. The inspection and maintenance first includes the need to regularly inspect the luffing, lifting and braking conditions. If the safety and reliability cannot meet the specifications and standards, the user must carry out repairs.
Secondly, the maintenance inspection includes the need to check the safety protection devices such as indicators, limiters, alarms and protective covers to ensure that these are complete and effective. If abnormal phenomena are found, they should be repaired in time. The inspection and maintenance of the reliability of the safety device also needs to check whether the instruments of each part are complete and whether the indications of the instruments meet the regulations.
In addition, the inspection and maintenance of the reliability of the safety device of KBK cranes also includes inspection of wire ropes, pulleys and shafts. If the wear, broken wire and corrosion of the wire rope exceed the allowable range, it should be replaced and configured according to the original requirements. In terms of pulleys, it is necessary to ensure that there are no burrs, bumps, etc. on the working surface. The wear amount of the shaft should not be greater than two to three millimeters. It is also necessary to check the transmission gear to ensure that the general gear thickness wear does not exceed the specified standard.