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Universal Cranes

Full-portal cranes up to 50 tonnes

Demag full-portal cranes can often be integrated into existing production facilities and inhouse logistics processes with only little design effort. They mainly differ from semi-portal cranes by having an integrated articulated leg, which compensates any movements. The load-bearing crane girder is part of the frame structure which, together with the legs at either end, forms a travelling bridge. The cranes run on ground rails, which eliminates the need for a crane runway. Full-portal cranes are preferably used for outdoor operation in storage yards and loading areas.
Single-girder semi-portal cranes: load capacities up to 12.5 tonnes, spans up to 30 m
Double-girder semi-portal cranes: load capacities up to 50 tonnes, spans up to 35 
Full-portal cranes
The benefits at a glance
Operation as a stand-alone unit – without additional crane runways
Double-girder full-portal cranes with an accessible travelling hoist, maintenance walkway and access ladder
Cost-effective solution, ideal supplement to in-house logistics
Optional cable-connected control pendants or radio controls
Can also be equipped with 2 hoists or 2 crabs
Power is supplied via a cable reel that is fitted to a leg
Outdoor package with wind safety system to monitor outdoor operation
Rail clamp to lock the crane to prevent damage in stormy conditions