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What is KBK track?

KBK track is a new type of hoisting machinery composed of suspension devices, rails, switches, walking trolleys, electric hoists, mobile power supply devices, and control devices. It only needs to be simply suspended on the roof or beam of the factory building. It is widely welcomed by people to realize the direct transportation of materials in the air.
KBK track adopts Q2 shape, two pieces welded together, KBKI type track is commonly used, multiple tracks can be connected by high-strength bolts, the turning radius of curved track is 1.5m, and straight track can be matched for large bends. If there is no smaller radius, it will affect the operation of the trolley. It is also possible to install a built-in trolley wire on the inside of the KBKI type track to supply power to the hoist, which is called the KBKII-R type. Suspension device-generally can be installed on the lower edge of I-beam/H-beam, with a certain self-locking function, easy and reliable installation.
The functional components of the lifting device of the KBK track are mainly composed of turnouts, cross turntables, lifting sections and other parts. Electric chain hoists must be used, and some manipulators or welding guns can also be hung as tool slides. Therefore, they are used as tool slides. It is widely used in material conveying links or systems in all walks of life.
The lifting machinery used by KBK track in the bridge construction process is generally divided into four categories: light and small lifting equipment, bridge type lifting machinery and boom type cranes, and cable cranes according to their structure and performance. , Is an indispensable part of the construction industry.