Four important steps in the installation process of KBK rail

Four important steps in the installation process of KBK rail crane
Installation of KBK orbital track
1. Assemble the buckle bowl, cross arm, screw, cue and deck with bolts and split pins. The screw is screwed into the club until the cotter pin can pass through the elongated hole of the club and the hole through the screw to penetrate the cotter pin.
2. Install the flexible hanging device on the lifting rail according to the requirements of the plan.
3. Install the crane track to the load-bearing steel structure through the flexible hanging device, adjust the flexible hanging device to make it vertical, and adjust the level of the track by adjusting the screwing depth of the screw and the ball.
4. Connect the track section into a crane track with two bolts. Note: During installation, there should be no misalignment at the rail interface end, and there should be no resistance when the trolley pushes over the joint; the bolts should be tightened reliably and evenly. If the joint bolts are tightened tighter at one end than the other, the track will bend; the track cannot be stressed during installation, because this will cause the track opening to become narrow; when several tracks are suspended, they must be aligned in the same horizontal plane straight line.
5. After installing the crane operating device, suspension wire slider and intermediate buffer into the track, install the anti-collision limit end cover.
6. Built-in sliding wire KBK rail docking: first check whether the conductor interface at the interface corresponds, then insert the short end of the sliding contact wire connector into the conductor interface, and connect the rails (note that the sliding contact wires should correspond one by one, and no dislocation is allowed).
Installation of KBK flexible suspension crane
1. Fix the main beam hanging device on the main beam of the crane according to the span of the crane.
2. Connect the main beam hanging device with the trolley or load beam on the track. When the crane and the track are arranged at a right angle, the main beam hanging device should be vertical.
3. Install the trolley, suspension wire slider or electric drive device, install the intermediate buffer, install the anti-collision limit end cover and the rail end cable clamp.
4. For the double main girder suspension crane, first connect the double main girder running trolley support to the manual trolley, and then install the triangle plate so that the two main girders are parallel and at right angles to the track.
Installation of KBK track suspension hoist
1. The installation position of the ring of the chain hoist must ensure that the hoist power wiring inlet is facing the power supply direction.
2. Connect the lifting ring of the electric chain hoist with the manual trolley or the bearing capacity with a pin.
3. For other information about assembly, installation, putting into use, operation and maintenance, please refer to the manual of the electric chain hoist.
KBK electrical installation and wiring
First install the electrical control and crane switch box, and then wire it according to the wiring diagram. Note: Ensure that the flat cable is not twisted along its length during installation. Tighten all nuts and bolts at the cable fixing points firmly.