European double beam bridge crane

European-style double girder bridge cranes are extremely cost-effective:
Low load capacity reduces investment layout-crane beam made of computer optimized box section
Thanks to modern technology, reliable monitoring and preventive maintenance can meet future requirements for high data transmission reliability (DIN/EN 954 category 3)
Compact crane lifting design and large hook diameter can make the best use of available height and space
Optimized design reduces construction and operating costs
Efficiency and performance of European double beam bridge crane:
Low-maintenance drive, minimizing the abrasion of the crane runway and traveling wheels
The control suspension is suspended on the crane beam for traveling alone, and has a display for installation monitoring
Power the crab through a highly flexible flat cable with a protective ground conductor
Optional radio control, power and signal transmission through the energy chain system
Optional radio control with display and scale buttons
Monitoring to improve installation transparency
The smallest approach size improves the utilization of the production area