Features of European-style single-beam crane structure

The features of European-style single-beam crane structure are as follows:
1. Metal structure: H-shaped steel or box-shaped beam structure is used for the main beam. The beam is rolled into U-shaped channel steel with steel plate, and then assembled and welded into a box beam. In order to facilitate storage and transportation, the main beams are connected into one body with M20 bolts (45 steel).
2. Electric hoist: The electric hoist can lift heavy objects and move longitudinally along the main beam. See the relevant electric hoist manual for its structural features.
3. Operation organization: This product adopts separate driving mode, driving and braking are completed by conical brake motor. The transmission adopts "one open and one closed" gear transmission, and the closed gear part uses a 5 ton cone The hoist runs the reducer of the trolley.
4. Electrical equipment: This product is for the safety of the operator. The control part uses a safe voltage of 36V. The running motor used has two modes: single-speed conical squirrel cage motor and conical winding motor. Depending on the operation mode, there are two types Electrical control, electric hoist and the whole crane are equipped with safety equipment, such as lifting limit switch, end limit switch, etc.