What are the advantages of polyurethane encapsulation?

One of the main raw materials of polyurethane encapsulation is polyurethane rigid foam combined polyether. Polyurethane rigid foam combined polyether is also called white material, together with polymer MDI, it is called black and white material. It is suitable for building heat preservation, cold preservation, solar energy, water heaters, cold storage, constant temperature storage, beer cans, cold storage and other occasions that require heat preservation and cold preservation.
The advantages of polyurethane encapsulation are as follows:
      1. Good quality.
The hardness of rubber does not exceed 60 Shore degrees. It has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance and excellent aging resistance. The service life is generally more than 5-10 years at normal pressure and temperature. The rubber and metal bonding strength is excellent. The bonding strength is The domestic hot-vulcanized roller rubber is hot-vulcanized: 3-10N/MM. The excellent bonding strength effectively avoids the occurrence of cracks and splits between the rubber layer and the metal, and the rubber has an excellent comprehensive cost performance.
  2. Simple operation.   
The excellent rubber friction coefficient effectively prevents the conveyor belt from slipping in a humid and muddy working environment, thereby making operation and construction easier, increasing the service life of the drum, and on-site construction, which is convenient and quick.
 3. High strength.   
The rubber elastomer has dense molecules, good vibration absorption performance and excellent mechanical shock resistance, high strength, good rigidity, no creep, impact resistance, earthquake resistance, strong water hammer resistance, easy to transport, install and maintain.
   4. Wide range of temperature adaptation.
Can be used for a long time in the range of -20°C~+80°C, the rubber layer will not be separated from the iron roller due to temperature changes.