Several classifications of polyurethane roller conveying mac

Several classifications of polyurethane roller conveying machinery
Polyurethane roller
Polyurethane rollers for conveying accessories have the advantages of high quality, safe use, heavy load and long service life. Due to the excellent performance and wide application of polyurethane elastomers, research on polyurethane elastomers at home and abroad is in the ascendant. The processing and application properties of polyurethane are continuously improved through technical means. The polyurethane roller types are:
Aiming at the shortcomings of polyurethane roller conveyors such as poor high temperature resistance and easy hydrolysis, the performance of polyurethane elastomers is improved by increasing the molecular crosslinking density of elastomers, increasing the degree of microphase separation, selecting isocyanates and chain extenders, and so on. Improve the high temperature resistance of the polyurethane elastomer. By adding antioxidants, heat stabilizers and some filler ester elastomer rollers, the thermal stability of the polyurethane elastomer is effectively improved. Many application fields, especially some emerging electronics, medical, automotive, packaging and other industries have higher requirements for antistatic performance.
Therefore, the development of antistatic polyurethane elastomers has become an important development direction. Many domestic research institutions have prepared antistatic polyurethane elastomer rollers by adding cationic antistatic agents, filled carbon black, metal materials, metal fibers, and blending with hydrophilic polymers or intrinsically conductive polymers. Utilizing the natural structure and characteristics of biological resources, a polyurethane elastomer road roller that can be decomposed by microorganisms such as wood has been developed. It can not only reduce the consumption and production cost of polyols, but also make the products have biodegradable polyurethane elastomers. High-performance damping polyurethane elastomers are widely used. The rubber pads, seals, collars, buffers and shaft seals made of it have good damping effects. At the same time, it can be used for a long time in harsh external environments. It not only has good damping performance, but also has high mechanical strength, high rebound rate, good dimensional stability, and can resist various solvents, ozone, ultraviolet rays, etc. The liquid crystal polyurethane elastomer cylinder is a polyurethane elastomer cylinder with liquid crystal properties in the molten state. It has good mechanical properties, thermal stability, high elasticity, high elongation and processing properties. Shape memory polyurethane elastomer roller is a new type of shape memory material, which has the advantages of low price, easy molding, and wide application.