What're the properties of high-quality polyurethane rubber r

The performance that a high-quality polyurethane rubber roller must have
High-quality polyurethane rubber rollers can be used in textile, printing and other fields with higher effect. Let's understand what conditions high-quality polyurethane rubber rollers should have.
High-quality polyurethane rubber rollers have sufficient flexibility. Once it leaves the printing plate, it can be restored to its original state immediately, and the temperature will not rise due to friction.
Good ink affinity. The ink can adhere to the surface of the rubber roller and can be easily transferred to the surface of other rollers.
The high-quality polyurethane rubber roller is resistant to the corrosion of the ink, and will not be deformed under the action of the ink, its size will not change, and the composition of the ink will not penetrate the surface of the adhesive layer.
The surface of the roller is smooth, and the size should be controlled within the tolerance range, and will not change greatly due to changes in temperature and humidity.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.