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KBK Crane System

KBK overhung and extending cranes

Loads can also be moved beyond the crane runway using overhung and extending cranes from our KBK light crane system. These solutions offer greater room to manoeuvre – and facilitate optimum utilisation of the available space. Our solutions to meet specific requirements include:
Overhung cranes which are fitted with crane girders that extend beyond the width of the crane runway
Extending cranes that consist of a fixed section and a crane section that can extend in both directions
Crane girders that extend up to 2,500 mm beyond the runway span
KBK overhung and extending cranes
The benefits at a glance
KBK overhung cranes
Efficient utilisation of the workshop (e.g. workshop areas added at a later date can also be served without the need to install an additional crane runway)
They can be operated beneath ventilation ducts, radiant heaters and cables 
KBK extending cranes
Depending on the design, girders can be extended to one or both sides beyond the width of the crane runway
They can also be used for precisely lifting and positioning loads in almost inaccessible areas (e.g. between pillars and columns)