Why light single beam crane should install height limiter

Height limiter is a device of light single beam crane, which is used to limit the rising height of the picking device. When the lifting appliance of the light single beam crane rises to the upper limit position, the limiter will automatically cut off the power supply to prevent the lifting device such as the hook from continuing to rise, causing the crane to rush to the top. After the steel wire rope shrinks completely, the electric hoist or winch will continue to work and break the steel wire rope, causing the heavy object to fall.

The height limiter device combines the travel switch with the convex and concave brace structure, with simple structure and sensitive action. It can prevent the occurrence of heavy object falling accidents and ensure the production of the light single beam crane at the work site. After several years of use, the effect is remarkable.
Structure and installation:
Fix the travel switch in the semi enclosed protective box made of thin steel plate with bolts. Two slide blocks are welded at the bottom of the protective box, and the convex and concave brace can move left and right along the slide in the slide block. A small hole is drilled at one end of the convex concave brace to fix the thin steel wire rope or nylon rope. The thin wire rope veneron rope is used to set the limit height.