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Ice factory workers use stainless steel electric hoist to li

When heavy pieces of ice are transported out of the product production line, the workers can immediately feel the air-conditioning coming to their faces. This air-conditioning makes the workers energetic. They skillfully control the stainless steel electric hoist above the ice maker, use the hook of the electric hoist to lift a group of ice buckets from the cold pool and put them in the clear water in front of the cold pool for several times, Melt the ice between the edge of the ice and the ice bucket to ensure that the ice slides out smoothly, and then pour the ice on the empty board in front of the clean water pool.

Other masters use "ice clips" to put the ice cubes neatly and transport them piece by piece. The weight of ice here is about 100kg. The application of stainless steel electric hoist saves workers' physical strength, speeds up their work efficiency, and ensures the cleanliness of ice to ensure market supply.