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What are the reasons that affect the load swing of KBK hoist

What are the reasons that affect the load swing of KBK hoisting machinery?
When KBK crane is used to handle equipment, the movement of the crane, trolley and lifting mechanism of KBK crane is usually independently controlled by their respective operation instructions; When the transported material reaches the target position, the load will swing annoyingly due to the acceleration and deceleration of the crane and trolley; When the load swings, the unloading operation cannot be carried out.
Load swing has become the main factor limiting the crane to improve the efficiency of handling materials.
When KBK hoisting machinery and equipment are in the above situation, only skilled operators can eliminate the swing by controlling the operation of the trolley. However, this requires the operator's very skilled operation skills and a high degree of concentration. Eliminating the swing of the load and finely adjusting the load to reach the target position requires a long operation time, which accounts for about one-third of the time required for the whole handling work.
KBK crane will swing during acceleration and deceleration every time. In order to reduce the swing, operators should not drive and brake too frequently when operating KBK. Before starting KBK, observe whether there are other personnel nearby and the operation route of materials to prevent accidents.