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Monorail Cranes

Monorail Crane System
Monorail cranes are pretty unique looking overhead cranes.
Their hoist doesn’t move side to side like that of a normal bridge crane, it just goes up and down.
The interesting thing about monorail cranes is that the rail they run on can be formed to adjust for curves.
The ability to move around curves is a major advantage when you need to work around certain structures in your factory.
Because they can adjust for some unique situations, monorail cranes are often incorporated into assembly lines.
Now because they have to move along some interesting curves, they don’t have the same upper lifting capabilities that a normal single girder bridge crane.
The upper limit I’ve seen for monorail cranes is roughly six tons, with most of them being less than that.
The cost of a monorail crane is largely dependent on how much track you need and how many curves will be needed. The other cost factor is, as with every crane, how much you need it to lift.