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What are the advantages of light suspension cranes?

What are the advantages of light suspension cranes commonly used in workshops? The obvious advantages of light suspension cranes are that they are easy to operate, flexible to use, and can be used in many fields to meet the different needs of consumers. At the same time, light suspension cranes have relatively low requirements on the professional quality of operators, and are easier to use, so they are more easily accepted by enterprises and have a relatively high market share.
In addition to simple operation and low price, light suspension cranes also have the advantages of long service life and low maintenance costs. According to statistics, the crane is a high-wear product. In order to ensure its work efficiency, operators not only need to standardize the operation, but also perform regular maintenance and maintenance. Unlike other types of lifting equipment, light-duty suspension cranes have very low maintenance requirements. As long as lubricating oil is often used for parts maintenance, the equipment maintenance requirements can be met.