KBK combined suspension crane

They are separate entities. With the characteristics of easy operation, flexibility and wide adaptability, it is a necessary separate emergency hoisting equipment for automatic production lines.
Economical and efficient
Users can place their workstations according to the needs of the production line load, without the need to pre-embed the foundation, and can easily push the operation to improve work efficiency.
The crane is composed of standard straight track and other auxiliary standard components.
The traveling parts of the trolleys at both ends of the main beam can run on two parallel hanging KBK rails perpendicular to the direction of the main beam.
Single rail, single beam or double beam are used together with PK type electric chain hoist, and the chain hoist running trolley runs along the direction of the main beam.
This product is used for flat material conveying, and is suitable for workshops, warehouses and other places.
main feature:
1. Save space;
2. Multi-beat and multi-frequency operation;
3. Easy and flexible positioning and accurate, no noise.
KBK cranes for manipulators