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Structural composition of KBK crane

KBK cranes are mainly composed of rails, suspension devices, traveling trolleys, lifting devices and some functional components. All modules are standard components and can be freely assembled according to the needs of the workshop.
The track of KBK crane is a closed track, with straight track and curved track, divided into Ω type or C type, and the materials are commonly used in steel, aluminum alloy and carbon steel. Because it is a standard component, it can be assembled into any structure such as single track, multi-track, curved track or circular track with long and short distances.
The suspension device is generally installed on the lower edge of the I-beam/H-beam or on the concrete beam. It has a certain self-locking function and is easy and reliable to install.
The walking trolley is hung in the track, which is used to walk in the X and Y axis directions. It can be used as a manual or electric trolley as needed.
The lifting device is generally an electric hoist, an electric chain hoist, a pneumatic balancer, and an intelligent hoist is used in conjunction with a spreader.