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Technical parameters and characteristics of KBK rigid rail c

Technical parameters and characteristics of KBK rigid rail combined suspension crane
Technical parameters and characteristics
● Lifting weight up to 2000kg, various track types and spans
● Modular design of prefabricated standard makes expansion and relocation easier
● Can be installed on any ordinary 15cm thick reinforced concrete floor
● Patented closed rail design can effectively reduce the contamination of dirt and dust
● Rigid fixed rail, superior load positioning
● The high-strength one-time cold-rolled rail has light weight, high precision and smooth rolling surface, which effectively reduces the resistance of the trolley rollers
● Wide range of applications, suitable for almost all material handling environments
● Low cost and economical for a single unit of work
● Easy to install, reducing installation time and cost
● Greatly increased operator satisfaction
● Realize a safe operating environment
● Effectively improve production efficiency and meet rapid return on investment