European crane

European-style bridge crane is based on the introduction and digestion of foreign advanced technology, guided by modular design physics and chemistry, using modern computer technology as means, introducing optimized design and reliability design methods, and adopting imported configurations, new materials, and new processes to complete A new type of crane with lightweight, generalization, energy saving, environmental protection, maintenance-free and high-tech content.
Kunfeng Heavy Industry's design, manufacturing and inspection are all in accordance with the latest national standards issued, and some foreign standards such as FEM, DIN, and IEC are equivalently adopted. Compared with the original general QD type bridge crane products, its own weight is reduced by about 15-30%. , The maximum wheel pressure is reduced by about 10-35%, which can reduce the requirements of the crane on the structure of the plant and save the cost of the plant. The core components of the transmission mechanism, the reducer, all use hard tooth surfaces, high-precision gear pairs, plus the application of steel reels, forged wheels and variable frequency speed regulation systems, making this type of crane an updated product of the traditional general-purpose bridge crane. It is suitable for machinery manufacturing, assembly, petrochemical, warehousing and logistics, power construction, papermaking and railway industries.