KBK flexible track self-supporting combined crane

KBK, the abbreviation of German Kombiniert Kran, means modular crane. It is a product of German Demag (expired), and was later designed by various crane manufacturers. It is mainly composed of track, suspension device, walking trolley and some functional components. All modules are standard components. The lifting device mainly adopts electric chain hoist, and can also hang some manipulators or welding torches, which can be used as tool slides. The lifting weight is generally 2000kg.
Characteristic description:
1. Good reliability and high stability; all the components of the KBK light crane system are standard modules, which can ensure mass and high-quality production, so the system is very reliable;
2. Strong adaptability; KBK system can flexibly design and install crane system according to the needs of each station in the factory. From transportation to high-accuracy multi-point and multi-beat automatic conveyor line, it can be combined at will;
3. Easy to install, cost-effective and efficient. The installation and debugging of the KBK system is very convenient. The profiles and standard modules can be used only by bolting, which can save the space and area of ​​the factory, greatly reduce human resources, and improve production efficiency. Decrease and improve corporate efficiency.