KBK crane for automobile production line

Safety rules and precautions for the operation of KBK crane standard components of automobile production line
Safe operation rules
1. KBK crane operators must master the relevant operating specifications related to the use and operation of the crane, and must also be fully trained in the operation and use of the crane; personnel who are not sensitive to the influence of drugs, alcohol or drugs are not allowed to operate, maintain or Repair the crane.
2. Before the KBK crane starts to use, it should be ensured that the equipment is in a safe and correct operating state.
3. An emergency stop button is installed on the flashlight door. If you find the danger of immediate or possible personal injury or damage to facilities and equipment, you must immediately press the emergency stop button.
Precautions for use
1. It is not allowed to transport people.
2. It is not allowed to lift loads above the personnel.
3. Do not use overloaded.
4. It is forbidden to leave the load in the suspended position for a long time without personnel monitoring. At the end of the work, the crane must be unloaded.
5. It is not allowed to move the electric chain hoist by pulling the flashlight door. The electric chain hoist should be moved by pulling the load, spreader or carrying hook assembly.
6. Do not allow the load to fall when the chain is in a loose state. The resulting shock load will cause danger and serious damage to the crane.
7. Avoid fretting, that is, jog the motor quickly and continuously.