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How does the KBK track avoid "derailment"?

As a member of the lifting industry, KBK track is widely used due to its excellent performance. Due to frequent use, kbk track will have some minor problems. In order to solve this problem, you should pay attention to regular maintenance. maintain:
The KBK track is widely used because it has an important role to prevent the occurrence of "derailment". Using this kind of track to limit the operation of the crane trolley within a certain track range can ensure that the operation of the lifting equipment is within the controllable range. Therefore, we must pay attention to regular inspections when using KBK rails, so as to prevent problems before they happen, and do our work solidly and steadily. Only by discovering and solving the problems in time can the major safety hazards such as "derailment" of the lifting trolley be avoided.
Even the best lifting equipment has a certain life span, which is more likely to be the case for overloaded equipment. The same is true for KBK rails. Although the rails have a certain amount of space reserved for carrying weight, be careful not to "eat them" during use. Strictly abide by the operating specifications and reduce overdrafts, so that the track can live longer and be more effective.
The wear rate of KBK rails is often very high due to heavy loads for a long time. Therefore, the key to maintenance is to reduce its wear and tear, which requires good lubrication. Too much lubrication will cause the trolley to slip, but if the lubrication is not enough, the trolley will rub the track excessively, which will increase the damage of the track. Therefore, the lubrication work must be done carefully and properly, so that the track can be maintained with high quality.