kF Kunfeng Aluminum Alloy KBK Rail Light Crane

kF Kunfeng aluminum alloy KBK rail light crane system standard components have high configuration flexibility and strong personalization. Modular standard components not only meet the design of ergonomic components, but also realize the operation process, and at the same time achieve a more perfect match with lifting mechanisms such as intelligent hoists, electric balance cranes, pneumatic balance cranes, and electric chain hoists.
Technical characteristics of Kunfeng aluminum alloy track:
1. Aluminum alloy enclosed track, anodized anti-corrosion treatment, good wear resistance;
2. High bending strength;
3. Light weight and low friction resistance (50% lighter than KBK rigid track);
4. Modular design, simple installation;
5.6 models are available, the load range is from 125kg-2000kg;
6. Single track/single beam/double beam/telescopic beam, free-standing/suspended centralized structure optional;
7. Flexible and rigid connection installation methods are optional;
8. The track is seamlessly connected to achieve unlimited lengthening of the track;
9. The operation noise of manual/electric trolley is low;
10. Advanced nylon walking wheels reduce track wear;
11. Quiet and smooth operation;
12. Suitable for large span (distance between profile rail and profile rail: 8m)