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Polyurethane rubber roller:The application of polyurethane r

 Generally, the internal structure of the new polyurethane rubber roller is not stable enough. If they are used in time, their service life will be shortened. Therefore, it should be placed outdoors for a period of time to maintain relative stability, which can increase the toughness of the colloid, thereby improving durability.
The product has the advantages of high strength and strong tear resistance. Polyurethane rubber rollers can withstand high-pressure and high-humidity production environments. But still pay attention to its storage. The usual method is to seal the gel with a plastic film after cleaning, and then place it on the idle product shelf. Do not throw it around or put heavy pressure on it to avoid eccentricity or bending of the roll core to ensure the normal use of the roll core.
Therefore, as long as you pay attention to some storage problems, you can extend the life of the product.