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Polyurethane encapsulation with high strength and excellent

 Polyurethane encapsulated pipe insulation materials actually require a lot of requirements, not only the requirements for the environment, the requirements for product quality, but also the requirements for temperature. Therefore, if we want to truly achieve insulation, we It is necessary to meet a certain temperature requirement of the product, so at this time, I hope everyone must pay special attention.
          Paint (or colored mortar) should be used for the exterior finish. The polyurethane encapsulated thermal insulation layer in the system is mostly lightweight and porous, with low shear strength, so facing tiles should not be used for the facing layer. Reliable measures must be taken to prevent the tiles from falling off and hurting people. The surface is reinforced with a protective layer, which has high strength and excellent impact resistance. The durability of polyurethane exterior wall insulation system should meet the requirements. Under normal use and maintenance conditions, it has excellent aging resistance, and its life is equivalent to that of concrete inorganic, which is unmatched by other insulation.
          High-strength rigid polyurethane encapsulated foam insulation pipe support is made of multifunctional organic isocyanate and mixed polyether polyol as the main raw materials under the conditions of catalysts and various special additives, interacting, and produced through complex chemical reactions A kind of rigid polyurethane foam. The system and the base wall should be reliably fixed. High-rise buildings should bear relatively large wind loads, and the wall part will produce a large negative wind pressure (suction). Therefore, the insulation layer should have a reliable bond with the base layer (inorganic), especially if the (organic) insulation board is used, we must pay attention to this link. The insulation layer is made of inorganic materials.
Can be customized accroding t o your needs.