How to distinguish the quality of polyurethane coated wheels

When choosing a polyurethane coated wheel, pay attention to its quality
When we are choosing polyurethane coated rubber wheels, of course we want good quality. For those of us who are not very familiar with rubber wheels, how to judge its quality is a problem. I believe many of our friends are laymen. The following editor teaches you how to distinguish its quality:
1. The standard of polyurethane rubber wheels is to check the performance advantages of all aspects, such as dustproof performance, waterproof performance, and radial runout performance of the outer circle;
2. Observe the load-bearing performance and impact performance of the polyurethane rubber-coated wheels when selecting, the important point is the service life;
3. The purchase of polyurethane rubber wheels needs to meet certain standards. Each industry has its own standards. This standard is a basis for purchase.

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