Causes of blisters on the tread of polyurethane solid coated

Causes of blisters on the tread of polyurethane solid coated wheels
Tread trachoma is actually the rubber tire tread of an electric forklift. When it is inflated, water is poured on the tread, and many small bubbles will emerge. It is usually found to be caused by the driver's chronic air leak. So what causes the tire to have blisters?
After the electric forklift rubber tire is nailed, it is not repaired in time or poorly repaired, so that the tire inner liner is not repaired or completely repaired, causing the air to run from the inside out, and the tread is slightly cut or slightly punctured. If you run out of air, the tires will rotate when installed on the car due to the movement, so there will be many small bubbles on the tread.
As long as we find out the pinned or poorly repaired place from the inner liner of the tire, and repair it according to the correct method, there will be no "bath", but the internal structure of the rubber tire of the electric forklift has not been repaired in time. , Has been destroyed, so it is recommended not to use it.
Generally, in order to avoid blisters on the rubber tires of electric forklifts, regular maintenance and inspection of the tires are required to quickly reduce the probability of accidents.