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Kito electric chain hoists Manufacturer

Kito electric chain hoists,electric chain hoists
Structural features
Structural characteristics of chain electric hoist: product structure of electric hoist: the body adopts high-strength tensile shell or die-casting aluminum shell, which is precision manufactured by thin-wall extrusion molding process, with small volume, light weight and high strength. The standard chain electric hoist has an independent gearbox system, sealed the two-stage coaxial transmission gear mechanism in the gearbox, and adopts a long-life oil bath lubrication system. The powder metallurgy clutch of the electric hoist is used as the overload protection device, and the disc DC electromagnetic field braking is used for braking, which has large braking torque, stability, speed and low noise.
Scope of application
The chain electric hoist has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in major workshops, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, wharves, construction and other industries. It is used for lifting or loading and unloading goods. It can also lift heavy objects to facilitate work or repair large machines. The chain electric hoist is operated by the operator with buttons on the ground, or in the control room or by wired (wireless) remote control. The chain electric hoist can be used not only for fixed suspension, but also for traveling with electric monorail trolley and hand push / hand pull monorail trolley.