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Bridge crane technology and Application

We have developed these bridge crane technologies under real conditions to deal with the operation problems encountered by bridge crane operators all over the world every day. Each intelligent function is applicable to old cranes and new cranes.
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Our load control intelligent function aims to improve the safety and productivity of crane operators by making it easier for bridge crane operators to move smoothly and controllably on the bridge crane. Kony provides the following intelligent functions of load control:
Anti swing control aims to automatically limit load swing by controlling the acceleration and deceleration of crane and trolley. This intelligent function can help you accurately locate the load and reduce the load cycle time.
Jogging ensures very precise incremental movement when approaching the load destination. This function can be activated whether it is lifting or walking. The jog increment can be preset, ranging from 2 mm to 100 mm.
Micro speed allows very slow movement to improve load control. This function can be used for all movements, and can convert large lever movements into slow and accurate load movements.