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Kbk Light Crane System

Product feature:
The components are all standard modules, which can ensure mass and high-quality production, so the system is very reliable; the main body of the system module is three specifications of cold-rolled profiles, which are strong, rigid, and light, ensuring the stability of the system.
The crane system can be flexibly designed and installed according to the needs of each station in the factory. From fixed-point transportation to high-accuracy multi-point and multi-beat automatic conveyor lines, it can be combined at will. It can be used in newly designed workshops, and can also be used in the transformation or extension of old systems.
It is very convenient to install and debug. The profiles and standard modules can be connected by bolts only, which can save the space and area of the factory, greatly reduce human resources, improve production efficiency, thereby reduce energy consumption and improve enterprise benefits. The system can be operated manually, or it can realize automatic and semi-automatic operation with high efficiency.