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Flexible Suspension Crane

Flexible Suspension Crane
The KBK flexible suspension crane is constituted by KBK track, electric chain hoist and installation components. The KBK suspension crane can be a very simple equipment with 2 straight rails, also can be very complex suspended monorail system. KBK flexible suspension crane has simple manual operation, and also it has complex operation such as automatic system operated by compute integrated control.
Flexible operation of this KBK suspension crane makes it more convenient for different handling of materials. It can realize re-installation and reconstruction by regrouping the components or adding some other components.
The KBK flexible suspension crane can be mainly used in precise assembly line, such as automobile assembly line with the lifting capacity 0.1t~2t. 
Main Components
Steel Frame bearing structure- for gantry type steel structure:
- It can even be built in facilities where the workshop ceiling and roof structure cannot bear loads
- Flexible planning and structure
Straight rail and Curved rail
-Light dead weight, high strength, fine rigidity
-High precision, traveling wheel is equipped on the inner side or outside according to load capacity
Turntables- Turntables make it possible to change direction in a minimum of space
- Integrated mechanical locking devices prevent trolley from leaving or entering the turntable section while it is turning
- Turntables can be manually or electrically operated
Track switches
-Track switches of compact, enclosed design are used as branching or converging components in the material flow
-They can be supplied for manual, electric or pneumatic switching for semi-or fully automatic control
- Fitted with bearing-mounted plastic wheels, push travel trolleys are easy to move
-The rollers are maintenance-free and designed for a long service life. They effectively absorb all impacts and are silent-running
The extending section
-Install or disassemble trolley rapidly
-The extending part can be used as installation position
-During enclosed status, the trolley can travel under full load, therefore it is easy to be integrated to the rail under the best position.