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Specific installation steps of KBK crane electric chain hois

Specific installation steps of KBK crane electric chain hoist
First, you need to install the chain box;
Second, connect the power cord
When connecting the power cord, the power must be cut off in advance. At the same time, the ground wire should be well grounded, otherwise the operator may feel an electric shock when touching any part of the hoist or chain.
Third, lubricate the load chain of the electric chain hoist
The degree of lubrication of the chain is an important factor affecting the service life of the load chain. Timely and effectively lubricate the load chain to ensure the effective service life of the chain.
Fourth, check the arrangement of the chain
For electric chain hoists with multi-row chains, make sure that the lower hook frame is not turned over. If it is turned over, return it to its normal state and make sure that the welding ports of the chain are arranged in a row. Never hang a load on a hoist with a twisted chain.
Fifth, check the working voltage
Since the electric chain hoist is equipped with the voltage specified by the user or a higher voltage (only for dual voltage) when it leaves the factory, such as 230/460V, it is necessary to check the wiring and confirm whether it meets the requirements of the power supply voltage.
Sixth, matters needing attention
1. The installation position of the hoist ring of the electric chain hoist must ensure that the hoist power wiring inlet faces the power supply direction.
2. Connect the ring of the electric chain hoist to the trolley bearing pin and fix it with elastic cylindrical pins.
3. Make sure that the pin opening of the elastic pin is outward, otherwise it will cause abrasion. When disassembling the hoist again, it is necessary to replace with a new elastic pin.
4. For other information about assembly, installation, putting into use, operation and maintenance, please refer to the "Electric Chain Hoist Product Manual" of Kaili Lifting.
5. Connect all cables according to the electrical control wiring diagram, and install suitable fuses to connect to the power source.
6. The safety trolley line rail terminal uses special wiring pins, which are connected to the power supply in accordance with the specified item sequence. Note: The central conductor of the sliding contact wire must be used as the grounding wire.
7. All cranes must have the manufacturer's logo and the rated lifting weight logo on both ends of the track (main beam).