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What should be paid attention to in the use of polyurethane

Polyurethane rubber rollers are used as parts and equipment for printing.
Generally, the internal structure of newly-made polyurethane rubber rollers is not stable enough. If they are put into use immediately, their service life will be reduced. Therefore, the polyurethane rubber roller should be placed outside for a period of time to maintain relative stability, which can increase the toughness of the colloid and improve the durability.
This tells us that when choosing polyurethane rubber rollers, do not choose new ones, or choose new ones and do not put them into use immediately, otherwise the service life of the product will be reduced. When purchasing and using a product, consumers must have a certain understanding of the characteristics of the product, otherwise many problems will arise. It should also be selected according to its characteristics during use.
Polyurethane rubber roller has the advantages of high strength, high tear resistance, etc. So this material can withstand high pressure and high humidity production environment. But still pay special attention to its storage. The general method is to seal the colloid with plastic film after cleaning, and place it on the idle polyurethane rubber roller rack.
Don't throw it around or press hard to keep the roller core from eccentricity and bending to ensure the roller core. Use normally. Otherwise, it will be bad if there are some problems during the next use. In use, you must follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer, and it is best to refer to the product manual, so as to ensure that there are as few accidents as possible during the use of the product, so that it is more convenient to use and will not appear many problems. Compared to this is the way everyone agrees. Then we must pay attention to some storage problems during the use process, otherwise it will affect the use of the product very much. Pay attention to these problems to extend the service life of the polyurethane rubber roller.